Microsoft Office: Open up .docx, .pptx and .xlsx In Older Versions of Office

Office 2007 is one of those love me or hate me types of changes. Personally, I think its very much form over function. Too much relearning involved to be practical in the office.

To help promote transition to the new 2007 edition, they've set the new file extensions as default when saving. How fucking annoying!

That means everyone running the older versions of Office will have to either:

I presume that there has been enough complains about this that Microsoft felt the need to release this. It simply provides compatibility with the new format for older versions of Office, allowing them to at least read from the new format.

Get the person using Office 2007 to save in an older format by default.

Compatibility seems limited to Office 2000/2002 and 2003 at most.

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