Win7: Disable Grouping of Taskbar Icons

Despite all the improvements to the taskbar and customisation available, there is still room for improvement. My main gripe with the new taskbar is that the tabs are grouped when they belong to the same application instance.

Fortunately, a fella by the name of RaMMicHaeL has developed 7 Taskbar Tweaker. As of v1.0.1 it allows you to:

  • Use the standard window context menus by default (same as holding shift + right click)
  • Modify the drag + drop behaviour
  • Change middle click behaviour
  • Disable Aero Peek
  • and my favourite, disable grouping of taskbar items


The grouping option requires the applications to be restarted, but it can easily be solved when the application runs on startup.

No setup required, just extract and run. Simply brilliant!

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