Win7: Nvidia drivers crashed and automatically restored

For the first time, the NVidia drivers I had installed on Windows 7 (v8.15.11.8603, released 27/05/2009) crashed.

Normally, on WinXP, this would of given the operating system some sort of rabid disease akin to UmbrellaCorp's T-Virus leaving you no option but to either set it alight or deliver a swift and strike to the head that would severe the spine.

But alas, Windows 7 just handled it gracefully and simply caught the error, took it by the hand, walked it out the door and said goodbye. It even took the initiative to clean up after the accident and restart the drivers for you.

At first I thought the whole computer crashed. The screen blanked out for a second or two but came back. The theme had reset to a Vista-ish black theme while it stumbled.

A very pleasant surprise. Props to Microsoft for doing something right!

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